Yeonmi Park And Her Family’s Struggle For Freedom

Back in March of 2007, Yeonmi Park emerged from her suppressive North Korea home and began her trek across the Yalu River with her mother. Their journey took place in the cold of the night and the river was frozen. They eventually arrived in China with no money, no food and no direction as to where they were going to go or how they were going to survive. Not knowing or understanding what true freedom was, Park and her mother struggled to make sense of their new lives. In the new book: In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, this story is documented in detail.

For a number of years, Yeonmi Park and her mother would navigate through China in order to find food and various places to stay along their travels. Eventually they made their way through the Gobi Dessert and across the Mongolian border, to arrive in South Korea. Along the way are stories of abuse, starvation and struggle. A few years passed and Park’s father made it to their location but he was not fortunate enough to appreciate the time or freedom he had discovered. He passed from untreated cancer very shortly after his arrival.

After the release of this book on Dailymail, many critics have accused Park of fabricating her story. The video: Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot truly turns Park and her mother into villians who lied about their story for fame and to cover up their true identity and U.S. spies. Park defends these claims and says the only information that has been changed are minor details to protect her family still living in North Korea and also she attempted to hide the sexual abuse that she went through in order to protect her modesty. As Yeonmi Park’s story is told and retold again, people will understand her truth and her struggles to become the woman that she is today. While critics will always be around, Park cannot deny what she has lived through all these years.



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