Yeonmi Park’s Tale of Survival

Most of the Western world isn’t exposed to the kind of hardship that citizens of North Korea have to endure on a day to day basis. Sure, we know that North Korean citizens are living under harsh conditions and that the country’s regime is chaotic to the point of cartoonishly evil, but that is all in a detached sort of way. Yeonmi Park, a young woman, is the latest North Korean citizen to defect from her home country but she is finding celebrity in a whole new way. Park’s incredible Youtube video went viral at the One Young World Summit and now she is becoming a leader in the fight for human rights all over the planet.
Yeonmi’s story is so captivating and harrowing that it is almost hard to stomach in a single sitting. She originally told the details of her journey from North Korea and into the world of human trafficking at the Summit we had mentioned earlier. Now her complete story has been printed and bound in her first Amazon released book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The book details Park’s journey from being a provincial girl in a backwards nation to becoming a slave in China’s illicit and disgusting human trafficking ring.

It’s almost impossible to see Park as the survivor that she truly is. Park is a slight woman with pale skin and large eyes. She has a soft voice and rarely ever raises it. How could someone who looks so much like a doll have endured so much suffering? Since becoming something of a celebrity in the West we have seen Yeonmi Park come under intense fire from her former country. Pyongyang has been releasing a steady stream of anti-Park videos in order to try and get the North Korean citizens to decry the defector, so far to no avail.



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